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4:19am 01-17-2011
Howard Fincher
Great work. More pictures, please? Thanks

7:31pm 12-29-2010
Jim- W9JOK
Greetings, very impressive job on the enigma machine.
73 Jim- W9JOK
3:04am 12-17-2010
Henry - WB4ROI
Your work is extremely impressive. I wish I had the talent to do what you are doing. Like many people I would love to own an Enigma, but also like many people don't have the kind of cash required to buy one and don't have talent like you have to actually build one and do such an amazing job.


2:32am 07-30-2007
Nick - WB5BKL
Very nice. I admire your skill and workmanship. 73 from Texas. Nick, WB5BKL
1:27pm 07-29-2007
Beautiful workmanship and interesting designs. Do you sell custom built keys or are these only for your personal use? I would be interested in purchasing one. I'm not sure which design I would want, but I'd like to know the prices if they can be purchased. Thanks Gert and 73, John, KD5EJA, Cordova, TN, USA
12:31am 07-29-2007
Greetings to you Gert. Your keys are beautiful. I am also interested in knowing if you offer any of these gems for sale?
Vy 73,
3:30pm 07-28-2007
Steve Banks, KOPQ
Nice-looking keys. Do you sell them?
10:10am 07-28-2007
Al Soenke - WA6VNN
My first keyer key was made by adapting two J-38s back to back with a round screw head for the contact. I was 15 at the time - 1959
8:25am 07-28-2007
Beautiful keys!! Congratulations!! Aloha, Bryce, kh6at
4:35pm 07-01-2007
Hi Dad

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