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3:00pm 02-03-2018
Gerard Pecold
your machine looks great!
How did you achieve the paint finish? I do not know how it is actually called but I mean the black paint with uneven surface characteristic to old typing machines and radio equipment?

best regards
7:09pm 09-26-2017
Clifford Barrett
Sir, where did you find the dimensions for the 26 contacts that are connected to the segment plate? Would you consider selling one of the contacts if you have extras? Cliff Barrett
7:01am 04-26-2014
Wow! I am very grateful for your sites I have an Enigma-E I am afraid to begin because of low soldering abilities. I'm a retired Machinist, aerospace. You have given me hope, thanks Robert
10:10am 03-02-2014
Kenny smith
I would just like to talk with you about your project you are doing, I just hope you will send me a e-mail. I like to get more info from you please
11:16am 12-02-2013
Miro OM3CU
Very, very nice pages. 73 Miro
2:15pm 08-05-2013
interesting on a Enigma ! Price ?
Parts ? and Price?
Good Look ! from Germany
11:53pm 06-29-2013
Very interesting your website. Thanks.
3:19am 06-11-2013
Your Enigma machine is great!
It seems there are a growing number of replica Enigma builders. I have completed a full set of 3D drawings and plan on starting a build this summer. My machine is the army machine. I am getting help from a few people with Enigma knowledge. I would eventually hope to make another simplified, but fully functioning mechanical machine that might be of interest to others. I also plan to make my drawings available.
1:32pm 11-10-2012
Thomas FAgerberg
I´m just writing a book about WW2 and sub´s. Your maschine is very impressive.
9:37pm 07-08-2012
Wonderful job the Enigma Replica, I love It !! Can you tell me the cost of this job?
10:57pm 05-26-2012
Paul Taylor/WA6ENT
Gert! Building not just ONE, but TWO Enigma machines by hand using info you gleaned from websites! YOU ARE THE MAN! WOW! I bow to your amazing skills and patience! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
12:05pm 01-24-2012
Franco Franceschini
How much the enigma replica cost?
3:53pm 11-20-2011
And... sure I also would like to know how you got the exact measurements of all the really many parts for the whole machine !!! Do you have a complete set of original drawings ??? How did you make the rotors ??? How did you make the "rocker" under the keyboard ???
etc. etc. etc.
vy 73 !
Jim... DJ2EI / HS0ZHK
11:08am 11-20-2011
Really a great job to build an ENIGMA replica ! Some people tried it with a lot of tools and knowledge... Some of them still not yet succeeded ! You sure must have an arsenal of the correct tools !
vy 73 !
Jim... DJ2EI / HS0ZHK
1:23am 10-08-2011
Glen S. Miranker
Mr. Stam:
Looks like a fantastic job --- did you make steckers as well?

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