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8:01am 04-26-2014
Wow! I am very grateful for your sites I have an Enigma-E I am afraid to begin because of low soldering abilities. I'm a retired Machinist, aerospace. You have given me hope, thanks Robert
11:10am 03-02-2014
Kenny smith
I would just like to talk with you about your project you are doing, I just hope you will send me a e-mail. I like to get more info from you please
12:16pm 12-02-2013
Miro OM3CU
Very, very nice pages. 73 Miro
3:15pm 08-05-2013
interesting on a Enigma ! Price ?
Parts ? and Price?
Good Look ! from Germany
12:53am 06-30-2013
Very interesting your website. Thanks.
4:19am 06-11-2013
Your Enigma machine is great!
It seems there are a growing number of replica Enigma builders. I have completed a full set of 3D drawings and plan on starting a build this summer. My machine is the army machine. I am getting help from a few people with Enigma knowledge. I would eventually hope to make another simplified, but fully functioning mechanical machine that might be of interest to others. I also plan to make my drawings available.
2:32pm 11-10-2012
Thomas FAgerberg
I´m just writing a book about WW2 and sub´s. Your maschine is very impressive.
10:37pm 07-08-2012
Wonderful job the Enigma Replica, I love It !! Can you tell me the cost of this job?
11:57pm 05-26-2012
Paul Taylor/WA6ENT
Gert! Building not just ONE, but TWO Enigma machines by hand using info you gleaned from websites! YOU ARE THE MAN! WOW! I bow to your amazing skills and patience! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
1:05pm 01-24-2012
Franco Franceschini
How much the enigma replica cost?
4:53pm 11-20-2011
And... sure I also would like to know how you got the exact measurements of all the really many parts for the whole machine !!! Do you have a complete set of original drawings ??? How did you make the rotors ??? How did you make the "rocker" under the keyboard ???
etc. etc. etc.
vy 73 !
Jim... DJ2EI / HS0ZHK
12:08pm 11-20-2011
Really a great job to build an ENIGMA replica ! Some people tried it with a lot of tools and knowledge... Some of them still not yet succeeded ! You sure must have an arsenal of the correct tools !
vy 73 !
Jim... DJ2EI / HS0ZHK
2:23am 10-08-2011
Glen S. Miranker
Mr. Stam:
Looks like a fantastic job --- did you make steckers as well?

5:19am 01-17-2011
Howard Fincher
Great work. More pictures, please? Thanks

8:31pm 12-29-2010
Jim- W9JOK
Greetings, very impressive job on the enigma machine.
73 Jim- W9JOK
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